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An excellent site that includes a tide table relevant to your holiday dates. Enter your holiday start date, and number of days then click on calculate.

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A minor collision and another of 2 boats going through Wroxham bridge.  One gets it right but the other does not.


The information given in this website is provided with the best of intentions and to help you enjoy your Norfolk Broads boating holiday. Information given is for guide purposes only, individuals must at all times use their own initiative whilst boating /cruising on the Norfolk Broads. I accept no responsibility for damage to boating craft or to any other form of material property and accept no responsibility for personal or third party injury that may occur in relationship to information provided in this mynorfolkbroadsboating.co.uk website  nor any website that it may provide a link to.

I am not a qualified Skipper or Health & Safety officer therefore Life Jacket usage and Health & Safety advice/information must be obtained from a Boat Yard Official or the Skippers Manual or other equivalent literature provided with the hire craft.

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“Norfolk Broads General Boating, Cruising and Mooring Tips”

Norfolk Broads Handbook

If you intend crossing Breydon Water or visiting Great Yarmouth you may wish to select the “Crossing Breydon Water” tab above. You can also print this information as a PDF.


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Relax and Explore the Villages and Riverside Inns

Boating On The Norfolk Broads

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A holiday on the Broads is most relaxing and is usually spent meandering along the river at a few miles per hour. The vast majority of people who hire a boat on the Broads have had no prior boating experience myself included.  The boat yard staff will take you for a trial run and show you the ropes "excuse the pun". Most will find boat handling quite straight forward, especially if you have a crew. My wife helps with the mooring but I leave moorings normally unassisted. Any teething problems are normally comical and just part of the fun.

As already stated I am no expert and have had no specialist training but I have been taking regular boating holidays on The Norfolk Broads since 1970. I am simply passing on tips based on what I have picked up and from personal experience that I have found helpful to me over the years.

“Broads Boating information”

Port and Starboard

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Boating on the Norfolk Broads

Reference has been made many times throughout this site to Bow Thrusters. This topic  explains what they actually do

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Advice on choosing a boat suitable to your party size and Information about some of the different types of available hire craft.

Advice on general boat handling, navigation and some of the basic rules of the river.

General mooring and rope tying help including  diagrams.

Latest addition

tips on boating single handed.

An aid to leaving moorings in different tide and weather conditions.

Diagrams. Included.

Life onboard. Basic information concerning water, toilets and electricity etc.

General advice on negotiating bridges.

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