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An excellent site that includes a tide table relevant to your holiday dates. Enter your holiday start date, and number of days then click on calculate.

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A minor collision and another of 2 boats going through Wroxham bridge.  One gets it right but the other does not.

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Video of a Pilot taking a boat through Potter Heigham Bridge

Wroxham Bridge

     A bridge height/clearance chart and a tidal rise & fall chart can be found on the Bridge Gaps page using the blue “Bridge Gaps” tab at the top of this page.

Although there is a charge for this service I would recommend using it even if your boat yard has not made it compulsory. Some boatyards may include this service in the hire cost.

The Bridge Pilots are highly experienced and pass under the bridge at a fair pace. There is a natural tendency to go too slowly leaving you vulnerable to crosswinds and currents. See youtube video page for film. Wroxham Pilots No: 07775 297638.

Please be aware that the Pilot will not board your boat from outside The Hotel Wroxham as the moorings are for mooring fee paying customers only.

The above picture is an old photo of Wroxham Bridge before the building of the footbridge that runs parallel.

Although the listings and onboard plaque may indicate that a particular boat is able to pass through all Norfolk Broads bridges, Potter Heigham may only be achievable in ideal tidal conditions.

Due to varying river levels even at low water there will often be insufficient clearance for an outward and return journey within your holiday period.  

The figures that I have sourced would suggest a  clearance of only 6ft 5ins at average high water and an approximate rise and fall of of only 4 to 6 inches based on a single tide.

If you are planning a trip to Potter Heigham and hoping to get through the bridge I'd suggest ringing ahead of the planned trip i.e. the day before or on the morning to The Phoenix Fleet Pilots Office at Potter Heigham, Tel 07990 686097 or 01692 670460 between 8.30 a.m. and 5.00 p.m.

The pilot is best qualified to inform you if your outward and return passage is achievable during the chosen dates and  if so when you need to return  for passing back through the bridge.

Below is an old video I took of a Pilot taking our hire boat through Potter Heigham bridge.  I believe the footage was taken in the late 70’s or early 80’s.

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