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An excellent site that includes a tide table relevant to your holiday dates. Enter your holiday start date, and number of days then click on calculate.

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A minor collision and another of 2 boats going through Wroxham bridge.  One gets it right but the other does not.

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Choosing a Boat

On some of the boats and in particular boats for larger parties, not all of the cabins/bedrooms may be full height in the bed area itself. This is often the case when the cabins are to the side of a central walk way. If this is a double bed it can be a little awkward for the person sleeping on the inside to get out of bed having a partner in the way. Some cabins may be restricted for space generally and may have limited access to the side of the bed making it necessary to poke your legs into a recess. This does tend to be more the case with boats for larger parties.

If cabin space and general comfort is top of your list, for a larger party you may be better advised to hire two separate boats.

The forward drive Caribbean/bath tub type craft may not be so sporty looking but they do tend to feel more spacious. They also generally have single floor level throughout

Some craft have walk round beds which to me is an important feature as if you feel the need to get up in the middle of the night you don’t have to scramble over your partner to get in and out. The other option is to have separate beds. The more agile shouldn't find it a problem.

Some berths/beds may include seating area’s that the bed requires making up of a night.  I find it best to base the boat on how many separate beds and cabins are required.

A boat for a couple is normally adequate in size but for larger parties it may be beneficial to have a spare extra berth/cabin for a storage area without compromising on space if you chose a boat that is that bit longer.

In my personal opinion a boating holiday is not ideal for disabled people but should you decide to go I would make the following suggestions.

  1. Chose a Caribbean/bath tub type boat as they are generally one floor level.
  2. Be aware that on the Southern broads the currents are generally stronger and the rise and fall of water levels greater so the boat could be significantly lower or higher than when you went ashore.
  3. Avoid mooring at Yarmouth as the river rise and fall can be 3 ft to 6 ft or more. You could possibly get off with no problem but on your return the boat may be several feet higher or lower.
  4. I would choose a boat with bow thrusters. Not a must but a very useful aid, especially when mooring up or leaving moorings single-handed.
  5. Perhaps invest in a caravan step as an aid but extreme care is required to where you place it as uneven or muddy ground may make it unstable.
  6. I would chose boat with a walk around bed so you don’t have to scramble over one another to get in and out. The other option is to have separate beds.

Norfolk broads disabled day boat trips. For day boat trips that are disabled friendly with wheelchair facilities please visit nancyoldfield.org.

Some craft have dual driving positions outside and inside and some of these also have single floor level.

There are also rear positioned cockpit craft. These also offer great all round vision especially for reversing.

The front steering craft have great forward vision but vision is restricted to the rear. I personally prefer the single floor level that these type of craft offer giving the boat a much roomier feel. Many offer opening roofs of which some have a split sliding roof which is useful on a sunny but windy day.  It is not normally necessary to lower/open the sliding roof when going through a bridge on this design craft but check with the boatyard official.

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